15th January 2017

Sometimes people think a Vicar only works on a Sunday, when I look at the diary for the coming week, Sunday actually appears to be the day with the fewest things to do in it!
So what does your Vicars week look like then?
Monday: Morning Prayer, Mtg with the Area Dean, Admin and Preperation for the Parish Prayer and StopGap and other services during the week.
Tuesday: Memorial Service at Holy Trinity, Pastoral Visit at Morris Care, Office hour
Wednesday: Eucharist at Holy Trinity, Chapter Mtg, Funeral at Telford Crematorium, Launch Parish Prayer at Christ Church
Thursday: Buy all food for StopGap, take all resources to Holy Trinity and set up, Pastoral visiting in Evening
Friday Setting up, cooking food and launching StopGap
Saturday: Day Off
Sunday: Joint Service at Christ Church
And somewhere in all this I fit in any funeral visits that arise, emergencies, Personal time to pray, and writing Sermons for any Services that require them, two this week.