Sunday 30th April 2017

So far my day today has been like this: Into Christ Church at 8am to assist the preperations for this mornings service. I replaced all the electrical wiring that connects the Organ to its rather large speakers. They have not been quite right since we had the church closed, and they sounded superb this morning as Bob our organist really enjoyed himself playing To God be the Glory to finish the service!
I led the Parish Eucharist then at Christ Church before travelling over to Holy Trinity to lead the Parish Eucharist there. Straight after there was a baptism to lead at Hadley, with a family I have met on a number of occasions, and a delightful service we had together.
It is 4pm, and I am still at Holy Trinity. Lots of preperations for the wedding tomorrow. My good lady has just created a superb pedestal arrangement for the front of Church, I have hoovered, the whole building whilst Keith and Dorothy who are getting married are still setting up the Parish room for the wedding reception. To which my good lady and I are providing all the entertainment and family games. I have rewriiten four well known songs from varied artist including Billy Idol and the Beatles.
As for the coming week: Plenty of services, a couple of funerals to work on with families, and a new service early next sunday morning building on the Easter 8am BCP Eucharist when 18 people came to Church. Just in case you are not sure, BCP is the Book of Common prayer service from 1662, and has a rather beautiful use of english in this most traditional of services.
Well, a bit more hoovering to do, then I think it will be time to put the Chicken in for tea !