5th March 2017

Christmas Services 2017

Christmas Eve:
Christ Church Services at 9:15am Eucharist and Crib Service at 2pm: 
Holy Trinity Services at 4pm Crib Service and Midnight Mass at 11:30pm
Christmas Day: 
8am Traditional BCP Eucharist at Christ Church
StopGap Family Eucharist at Holy Trinity at 10am

People often ask me what it means to be a liberal catholic Church, as our Parish is described. I am conviced that you wlll find as many differing opinions as there are members of the Church. For myself as Vicar it feels as though it is like this:
We take notice of the long period that both Churches in the past had Vicars who were High Church, and were known as 'Father' as opposed to Reverend. The anglo catholic approach to Liturgy and Practice, and the emphasis on practical work serving people in the parish: Social Concern: is then taken with a helping of Liberal reasoning and discussing Scripture in light of how God is calling us to work in this day and age, promoting inclusion and a broad difference of churchmanship. Finally adding in a healthy Evangelical slice of Mission, Evangelism and Preaching and Teaching from the Bible. The three great Churchmanships: SCRIPTURE; REASON AND TRADITION.
We in One Parish come from many different backgrounds and understandings, we have so many different ideas about worship and structure, and we have many folk who do not agree on the same issues. BUT this is our strength, that in our differences, we hold together, and provide a place that all may call home, and feel at home.
Take myself for example: Brought up as a Methodist, even as a local preacher, then spending time in the evengelical free church before being confirmed as an Anglican, and then working for Scripture Union for nearly twenty years.
So do not be afraid to come and seek us out, we have a lively and growing bunch of people from many backgrounds, and we are being built into God's Church of today