26th February 2017

Christmas Services 2017

Christmas Eve:
Christ Church Services at 9:15am Eucharist and Crib Service at 2pm: 
Holy Trinity Services at 4pm Crib Service and Midnight Mass at 11:30pm
Christmas Day: 
8am Traditional BCP Eucharist at Christ Church
StopGap Family Eucharist at Holy Trinity at 10am

It was exactly four years ago that I was installed as Vicar of Hadley Holy Trinity + Wellington Christ Church. Bishop Jonathan of Lichfield who had back in the seventies as a Curate led the youth group to which I belonged took the service. Looking back over these last four years, there has been much to celebrate, and some sadness too.
Highlights include the extensive building work at Christ Church with the long overdue toilets being so expertly created in the old choir vestry, the structural work to make good rot and decay, and the repainting and styling of the Church presents it in a new way with warmth and dignity. The building at Holy Trinity now requires a makeover and the first steps have been taken to similarly look to present this building for the future.
Both congregations have enjoyed a unity in the last year by choice, whereas it had been forced before with the joining of the two parishes, many people have left through ill health, moving away, and some have left as they have not wanted to be a part of the new ministry for which I have been brought here.
Whilst there are those who do not wish to remain in our Church, there are people who are joining, and we celebrate this new growth as it is of the future and not of the past.
As this is my blog and is my own personal reflection, I do wish to say that being Incumbent here has been both deeply rewarding and deeply challenging. It is in fact an isolating position to hold, and yet one of deep meaningful ministry.
I look forward to the next four years, to catch a further glimpse of the plan God has for our Church, and the plan to which I am so very passionate.