23rd February 2017

Christmas Services 2017

Christmas Eve:
Christ Church Services at 9:15am Eucharist and Crib Service at 2pm: 
Holy Trinity Services at 4pm Crib Service and Midnight Mass at 11:30pm
Christmas Day: 
8am Traditional BCP Eucharist at Christ Church
StopGap Family Eucharist at Holy Trinity at 10am

Today this country has felt the effects of storm Doris, and I have to say my own encounter with Doris may well be typical of most encounters.
Wheelie bins blown away, my metal incinerator blown over depositing a layer of ash all over my car, and whilst the large trees adjacent to the Vicarage have not blown down, they have lost many small to large branches. The severe wind was something of a problem at Hadley PArk Cemetery whilst I took today's funeral. Whilst walking in front of the hearse leading up to the little chapel the wind nearly swept me off my feet, and the gentleman from the RAF association who was on standard bearing duty had a really difficult time too. All worked out well and the family were cared for, and the heavy rain just held off.
Once back at the Vicarage, clean the car and have lunch before some serious planning for the Easter services. A schedule will be availble soon with some interesting activities as well as some special traditional ones too.
With Revd Heather Page away looking after another Parish, All we do needs to be able to be run by just one person, in planning all our services, care is taken to ensure we maximise our resources, and still leave time for the Vicar to catch breath. This Easter time we will have a mix of services from contemplative lay led, to key Eucharistic services led by the Vicar, all will flow together as we walk through the Easter story together
But first....... Lent is approaching!