22nd May 2017

Christmas Services 2017

Christmas Eve:
Christ Church Services at 9:15am Eucharist and Crib Service at 2pm: 
Holy Trinity Services at 4pm Crib Service and Midnight Mass at 11:30pm
Christmas Day: 
8am Traditional BCP Eucharist at Christ Church
StopGap Family Eucharist at Holy Trinity at 10am

Waking up this morning to hear the devastating life changing news about the attack upon people, especially young people attending a concert in Manchester. Shocked that yet again someone would target this particular clientele. Knowing that children and young people would comprise of a large percentage of those attending, and saddened that along with Manchester, so many people across the Planet face this kind of trauma, day in and day out. Manchester has always been special to me, born and bred within Manchester's suburbs, it is my home City, and yet again it's people feel the pain of terror. My prayers are very much for all those good decent people of all creeds religions and backgrounds who have responded and helped. Prayers naturally for those who have been injured, and those whose loved ones have been mercilessly killed. May God bless all affected, involved, and may a true peace become real as the debris from this outrage is cleansed.
As I took Home Communion to a lady today who has no connections to Manchester, she was visibly horrified to have heard about the events of yesterday evening, and as we broke bread and drank wine in the celebration of Jesus love, her prayers were for a City and its people for whom she has no connection, except in her humanity.