18th April 2017

Easter has taken place, and for Church leaders everywhere, an opportunity to take this week a bit easier; or at least you should be doing!
I found Lent and Easter this year to personally be richly rewarding, I can not think of a year I have been able to engage so deeply before. My reading for this years season has been profoundly dominated by the writings of the Bishop of Chelmsford: Stephen Cottrell. Three books of his:
The things He said: The things He carried, and The things He did.
Also wih our congregations joining together so much more now, we had solid attendances at all of the activities and services we worked so hard to provide. I was exhausted but deeply pleased with the way Easter was celebrated at both our Churches and in the life of our Church family.
But this week, a bit easier. Bank Holiday visiting family, and keeping visits and admin to a minimum this week, and probably a couple of days off together instead of just the one day. Who knows if a little railway photography may just be on the agenda too.
May God Bless us all as we live in the light of the ressurection, and may His love go before us and mnister out into the world