12th February 2017

Christmas Services 2017

Christmas Eve:
Christ Church Services at 9:15am Eucharist and Crib Service at 2pm: 
Holy Trinity Services at 4pm Crib Service and Midnight Mass at 11:30pm
Christmas Day: 
8am Traditional BCP Eucharist at Christ Church
StopGap Family Eucharist at Holy Trinity at 10am

A very busy week as usual last week, with the addition that a small group of us from both Churches have made a start on a few changes at Holy Trinity.
We have not yet commisioned our drawings and plans for work at Holy Trinity, but in readiness we have begun clearing out the balcony, store rooms and offices of things accumulated but not now used, a sort of spring clean. We have created a new Sacristy in the lady Chapel and installed some temporary lighting to enhance the building especially during this dismal weather. We had a lot of pleasant reactions to the difference that it has made in the Church environment. It is my intention that during this year we roll out our plans for rebuilding the Parish Room, and in the Church ensure all outstanding work from the last quinquenial inspection is completed, that we fit new glass doors in place of the inner doors into Church, and with any repairs required, look to a full repaint of the Church itself. All this will need a concentrated grant application project, along with some serious ideas about fundraising. My target would be that we can look to begin work late this year if we can secure some serious grant money.
If you would like to be involved in any way in this project, do let me know, I do not intend this to be a one man job, especially as we have the experience of completing Christ Church to such a high standard. We have a reponsibility to maintain and present our Churches to the very best of our abllity, and with your help, we will do this.