23rd February 2017

Today this country has felt the effects of storm Doris, and I have to say my own encounter with Doris may well be typical of most encounters.

19th February 2017

StopGap last Friday went really well, amazed at the superb food on offer, and the folk attending had plenty to please them, young people and old tucked into home made Lasagne or Cottage Pie, with varied veggie options too, a grand Cheesboard Grommit, and cakes, all washed down with various soft drinks or  glass of red or white wine.,

12th February 2017

A very busy week as usual last week, with the addition that a small group of us from both Churches have made a start on a few changes at Holy Trinity.

6th February 2017

We have now held our first StopGap Friday and our first StopGap Sunday: Both were well attended with over thirty folk of all ages exploring the GOD THE FATHER. Last Sunday we were presented with some of the many names of God, names from the Hebrew which describe something of the Character  of God. With a gentle mix of traditional hymns and music written this January 2017, there really was something for everyone.

23rd January 2016

Another week and having returned from morning prayer at Christ Church I have been looking at the Diary for the week ahead. In which in addition to the services and events on the front page fo the website, I am also taking one funeral this week, and one funeral visit. Two meetings to ensure that couples wishing to marry in Church are legally entitled to do so. One Churches together prayer meeting and at least two people who need a home visit to meet with.

15th January 2017

Sometimes people think a Vicar only works on a Sunday, when I look at the diary for the coming week, Sunday actually appears to be the day with the fewest things to do in it!
So what does your Vicars week look like then?
Monday: Morning Prayer, Mtg with the Area Dean, Admin and Preperation for the Parish Prayer and StopGap and other services during the week.
Tuesday: Memorial Service at Holy Trinity, Pastoral Visit at Morris Care, Office hour
Wednesday: Eucharist at Holy Trinity, Chapter Mtg, Funeral at Telford Crematorium, Launch Parish Prayer at Christ Church

4th January 2017

New Year, New Opportunities, to meet up with each other, make new friends and meet old friends too. Where, Holy Trinity meeting room When, every third Friday from 5:30 -7:00pm, What’s happening? well were having a meal, and time to be with each other, relax; chill and chat. There will be space to share our life, our faith, through creative activities, most of all being together having fun, and time to be… Be part of the vision as we grow together. There are no limits, we are diverse and inclusive.


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