8th May 2017

Yesterday was a busy day of real contrast: Sunday began as I went into Christ Church at 7:10, in order to set everything up for the new 8am BCP Eucharist service. BCP being the Book of Common Prayer, and so a very old and traditional service, with a very different feel to our usual Eucharist. I was thrilled to be joined by 14 others, as we shared the old familiar poetic language which has shaped our Anglican worship over the centuries.

Sunday 30th April 2017

So far my day today has been like this: Into Christ Church at 8am to assist the preperations for this mornings service. I replaced all the electrical wiring that connects the Organ to its rather large speakers. They have not been quite right since we had the church closed, and they sounded superb this morning as Bob our organist really enjoyed himself playing To God be the Glory to finish the service!

24th April 2017

18th April 2017

Easter has taken place, and for Church leaders everywhere, an opportunity to take this week a bit easier; or at least you should be doing!
I found Lent and Easter this year to personally be richly rewarding, I can not think of a year I have been able to engage so deeply before. My reading for this years season has been profoundly dominated by the writings of the Bishop of Chelmsford: Stephen Cottrell. Three books of his:
The things He said: The things He carried, and The things He did.

Wednesday of Holy Week

Shoulders aching today, must be carrying the Cross on Monday, apparently someone who is not a Churchgoer remarked to her neighbour who walked with me on Monday, that seeing the Cross being carried along the Street as she drove past was a really emotional sight. Bringing into focus for her the reality of Easter amidst the trappings of commercial Bunnies and Eggs. She has expressed an interest in walking with us next time we do this. That for me provides all the justification for walking a real six to seven foot Cross through the streets, what an impact it has made.

Tuesday of Holy Week

A day of preperation, looking afresh at the Liturgy for services later in the week, preparing Christ Church for the meditation tonight, and Holy Trinity for the service tomorrow morning. Completing admin tasks, and printing booklets for services. Taking time to think through all that is to come.

In contrast for Jesus, he knew exactly what would happen, that he would take to the Cross, willingly, as an act of love. To bear all things because of us and for us. For that is what Love is.

Monday of Holy Week


April 3rd 2017

Tonight is a very special evening for our Christ Church members, friends and community. Bob Wyesome BEM, our Organist and Musical Director will be conducting for the final time before taking a step back in his wonderful career.
How moving that Bob with the New College Chorale and a small orchestra, will be providing us with special music for Passiontide. We are delighted that Bob is continuing with the Chorale, Church, and many other projects, just taking it a bit easier. All our best wishes Bob, you really are a Star that lights up all who you meet.

5th March 2017

People often ask me what it means to be a liberal catholic Church, as our Parish is described. I am conviced that you wlll find as many differing opinions as there are members of the Church. For myself as Vicar it feels as though it is like this:

26th February 2017

It was exactly four years ago that I was installed as Vicar of Hadley Holy Trinity + Wellington Christ Church. Bishop Jonathan of Lichfield who had back in the seventies as a Curate led the youth group to which I belonged took the service. Looking back over these last four years, there has been much to celebrate, and some sadness too.


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