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June 6th 2017

22nd May 2017

Waking up this morning to hear the devastating life changing news about the attack upon people, especially young people attending a concert in Manchester. Shocked that yet again someone would target this particular clientele. Knowing that children and young people would comprise of a large percentage of those attending, and saddened that along with Manchester, so many people across the Planet face this kind of trauma, day in and day out.

8th May 2017

Yesterday was a busy day of real contrast: Sunday began as I went into Christ Church at 7:10, in order to set everything up for the new 8am BCP Eucharist service. BCP being the Book of Common Prayer, and so a very old and traditional service, with a very different feel to our usual Eucharist. I was thrilled to be joined by 14 others, as we shared the old familiar poetic language which has shaped our Anglican worship over the centuries.

Sunday 30th April 2017

So far my day today has been like this: Into Christ Church at 8am to assist the preperations for this mornings service. I replaced all the electrical wiring that connects the Organ to its rather large speakers. They have not been quite right since we had the church closed, and they sounded superb this morning as Bob our organist really enjoyed himself playing To God be the Glory to finish the service!

24th April 2017


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